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The Story of Titanic

The Official Titanic Website

Warning! The following is going to ruin Titanic for you!

Recently I found online script of Titanic (written by director James Cameron) at and read it. This took me at least 2 hours to read, but it was definetly worth the effort! The script was very detailed and seemed decently well written (in my humble opinion, that is) - it was very touching but also very humorous. I don't feel like I'm ruining the movie by reading the script, because it's the acting I want to see most, not the story itself (although the story is still quite important to me). Besides, reading the script and watching the movie are two totally different things - it just won't be the same thing.

In the beginning...
Rose The story starts out in 1997, with Brock Lovett and his team, who are treasure hunters. They are conducting a search in the Atlantic Ocean, salvaging objects from a ship that sank 84 years ago, the RMS Titanic. They pull this safe out from the Titanic, which is supposed to contain something very important/vaulable. But when they open the safe, it is apparent that what they were looking for is not in it. Disappointed, Lovett and his crew discover nothing but a bunch of legal documents... then Lovett hits the jackpot. Among these papers there is also a drawing of a young girl who is naked, except for the huge necklace she is wearing. The diamond that she is wearing, The Heart Of The Ocean, is a priceless jewel that Louis The 16th wore, and would be worth more than the Hope Diamond nowadays.
At the same time, an old woman named Rose Calvert is watching all of this on TV. She sees the drawing, and she is shocked. She makes a phone call to Lovett, and asks if Lovett has found The Heart Of The Ocean yet. Lovett is completely shocked, because no one except his team is supposed to know about the diamond. He invites Rose to go to aboard the Kedysh, the research vessel. And so Rose begins her story of the RMS Titanic, which has gone untold for 84 years...

Rose DeWitt Bukater is a rebellious, strong-minded girl who goes aboard with her mother Ruth and her fiancee Caledon Hockley. Rose does not like Cal, who is arrogant and a braggart, but agrees to marry him because her family is losing money and marrying Cal will ensure that they continue to live in style. But when Rose feels that the pressure of the society is too much, she can no longer stand it and she decides to jump overboard the Titanic.
This is when Jack and Rose first meet. Jack, unknowing to Rose, sees her climbing over the railing and manages to persuade her not to jump, by telling her that if she jumps he has to jump, too. He takes of his coat and his shoes, and at the same time he tells her about how cold the water is and what the water would feel like if she jumps.

Jack Jack...
Jack is a very poor American artist who won the Titanic tickets with his friend Fabrizio in a poker game. When Jack sees Rose for the first time, he is mesmerized by her beauty immediately, but he ignores the fact that he does not have a chance because of his financial status.
Jack is quite funny! He makes a lot of jokes and remarks that are very sarcastic, and can be very funny when you think carefully about them. I couldn't stop laughing several times when I was reading the script and watching the movie. My favorite funny part was when Jack is preparing to draw Rose and he says, "Sit down on the bed I mean couch.".
Cal is Jack's enemy right from the beginning. When Jack saves Rose from jumping overboard, Cal invites him to have dinner with them. But Cal is very mean to Jack during the dinner, trying again and again to embarass him in front of the other first-class passengers, as does Ruth, because she thinks it's not proper for her to have Jack as a friend (poor Jack!).