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Bumper Storm's Homepage

Bumper Storm A.K.A. Jenni

Hong Kong

Welcome to my Homepage...

Hello, welcome to my homepage! I'm Bumper Storm. Okay, so you're probably wondering what kind of of a name Bumper Storm is. Well, I can answer that question. Bumper Storm is a racehorse... To find out more about Bumper Storm, go here. Bumper Storm is an Irish-bred 3 year old chestnut colt, by the American sire Great Commotion out of Surfing. Last season this colt was a hit sensation in Hong Kong, winning his first 3 races as a Griffin - with the last one being a Group 3 domestic Griffin race featuring the best Griffins in the territory. What's more, he not only smashed the Griffin's record with incredible times, but he also placed himself among the Class 1 & 2 ranks (the Hong Kong handicapp system is different than most countries - it is different from the internatinal Group 1 categorization; don't worry if you horsy people out there can't understand it) among some of Hong Kong's best horses. Then in his last race of the season, a domestic Group 1, setting a blistering pace in front before tiring in the last furlong to finish gamely in third.

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