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Welcome to Jen's Titanic Homepage

Visit the official Titanic Website!

The Official Titanic Website

Titanic is due in theatres all over the world on December 19!

Academy Awards

Welcome to Jen's Titanic Homepage. I am a huge, huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. So after hearing about Titanic, I decided to create this homepage in dedication to James Cameron's latest major bucks production, which will come out in major cities all over the world on December 19, 1997.

Production Company:

Rose DeWitt Bukater... KATE WINSLET
Rose Calvert... GLORIA STUART
Ruth DeWitt Bukater... FRANCES FISHER
Molly Brown... KATHY BATES
Caledon Hockley... BILLY ZANE
Fabrizio De Rossi... DANNY NUCCI
Brock Lovett... BILL PAXTON
Spicer Lovejoy... DAVID WARNER
Lizzy Calvert... SUZY AMIS

Written and Directed by:
Produced by:
Special Visual Effects by:
Music by:

So what's the big deal about this movie? Just the fact that the production costs is rumored to be $200 million+, by far the most expensive movie ever made, and that the movie itself is 3 hours and 14 minutes long is enough to drop most people's jaws. Then add in the all star cast of rising stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the sensational Kathy Bates and Terminator 2 and The Abyss director James Cameron and you have possibly THE BEST MOVIE that has ever been created (after Romeo and Juliet, that is)!


March 24

Yeah! Oscars were last night, and Titanic has won 11 Academy Awards! For more information on the Oscars, go to! Oh my god I'm still so excited and breathless! I would never have imagined that Titanic would really go that well! But anyways, the wins were:

Best Director - James Cameron
Best Picture
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design
Best Original Dramatic Score
Best Original Song
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound
Best Sound Effects Editing

March 23


Some older news... Titanic has finally reached the top of the list as the highest-grossing film of all time, taking in $471 million in it's 87 days of release, passing the former first Star Wars! YEAH!

March 11

Ok this is kind of old... but Titanic is grossing $449.2 million US in it's 12th week of release, taking over E.T. for 2nd place in the highest grossing domestic film list! If Titanic keeps going at this rate ($17.6 million a week) then it will soon take over Star Wars, which is standing in ist place with $461 million! Go Titanic!

The Oscars are rolling around.... remember to watch it!

February 11

Oscar nominations are out! Titanic has been nominated for 14 Oscars nominations! Strangely and sadly, Leo didn't get nominated for Best Actor! :o( But anyways, the nominations were:

Best Director - James Cameron
Best Actress - Kate Winslet
Best Supporting Actress - Gloria Stuart
Best Picture
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design
Best Original Dramatic Score
Best Original Song
Best Make-up
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound
Best Sound Effects Editing

Titanic has pushed Forrest Gump over to take over the 4th spot in the highest-grossing domestic film list, earning $337.4 million in its 8th week in the box office. While Titanic gets ever closer to Jurassic Park, in 3rd place with $357 million, and E.T., in 2nd place with $399.8 million, Star Wars is still standing solid in 1st place with $461 million.

Leo and Kate have been crowned Mr. Showbiz and Ms. Showbiz! Read all about it HERE!

January 19

Golden Globes results are in! Titanic, sadly, only won 4 awards out of 8. :) Anyways the results were:

Best Original Score - James Horner for Titanic
Best Original Song - Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On for Titanic
Best Director - James Cameron for Titnaic
Best Film (Drama)- Titanic (YES!)

You can read more about the Awards night HERE!

Leo will be on the cover of People mag! Be sure to get it! I know I definetly will.

January 16

Ahhh... after the nice long rest I am ready to go back to serious work now. If you are a somewhat regular visitor of my humble page, you will notice that there are some minor changes... My Articles and Reviews pages has been deleted because the links were constantly broken when the servers delete the pages to make more room. I couldn't deal with that much work, so what the heck. My Media Gallery has gone through some major changes in the Pictures section as I was running out of room in Tripod. Now you can see about 3 times more pictures HERE than I used to have.

December 25

I have seen Titanic and it is awesome! The other stuff will be up soon but I am going to Thailand in 2 hours so more later...

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

December 19

OH MY GOD Titanic is finally here. I am so excited. Unfortunately, I am gone for the weekend so I will not be able to see it yet! *SOB* *SOB* :( But anyhow, the story plotline that I promised and a review of my OWN will be posted as soon as I get back and see the movie. So PLEASSSSE be patient!

Thanx to Countdown 2 Titanic for the following info:
Titanic' Leads Golden Globe Nominations - BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (Reuters) - The $200 million epic "Titanic," billed as the most expensive film ever made, led the roster of Golden Globe Award candidates with eight nominations Thursday, a day before opening in theaters across North America. YES!
These are eight nominations:
Best Picture
Best Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio
Best Actress - Kate Winslet
Best Supporting Actress - Gloria Stuart
Best Director - James Cameron
Best Screenplay - James Cameron
Best Song - My Heart Will Go On
Best Score - James Horner

December 16

Life is SOOOO boring! There is hardly ANY news what-so-ever, but the saintly date is getting closer and closer... I feel the excitement in my school over this totally awesome movie and everyone (especially the girls) are talking about it...

There are interviews of the cast in the "present" section of The Official Titanic Website is up! It's VERY cool people *hint*!

December 7

The Official Leonardo DiCaprio Website is up! It has some EXCLUSIVE Titanic photos in it and most of the usual - news, filmography and a biography. However, because this is all about Leo, it rules!

The Official Titanic Website has some movie clips and the "past" section up. I already have the new movie clips up in my Media Gallery so you check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

December 3

Okay, there are some MORE small changes in the Media Gallery. The TV commercials that I promised are now up, so you can check them out instead if you still haven't seen the commercial yet or if your country does not have Titanic commercials yet.

December 2

Ahhhh... After 2 days of rest I finally feel a LITTLE better so I have updated something...

Okay, there are some small changes in the Media Gallery with the trailers but there are still lots of things yet to be done, I know. I now have release dates for Titanic on top so check out when your country is showing Titanic!

Commercials for Titanic are now on TV constantly - as I am told - so people keep an eye out for it! I will put this commercial up in my Media Gallery by tomorrow, hopefully, and I am also trying to finish the "Titanic Merchandise" and "Story Plot" sections. Depending on how much homework I have, I will soon get things tidied and fixed!

November 29

I totally apologize for not updating, I was out of town for nine whole days! :(

Vanity Fair 1997 has James Cameron as 1 of the 35 most ?influential? (I don't remember) people, because he made a spectacle out of himself.


November 20

I put in a screensaver and a new Quick Time in the Media Gallery.

I was watching TV and this thing called Hollywood One On One and they were talking about Titanic! It was so cool! They gave us the basic info that is already known, and there were some short clips from the movie, but most importantly, they said it was topping their charts and everything they said about it was good! :) YAY!

Thanx B for the following info:
Tomorrow the 21st, ET (Entertainment Tonight) cover story will be about Titanic with Leo, Kate and the survivors of the real ship.

There is a picture in the Titanic CD behind where the cd is kept. It is a photo of Leo in the freezing water and Kate in her life jacket, and their hair is full of ice because of the cold. There are also the lyrics to "My Heart Will Go On".

November 18

Sorry I have not been updating lately, because I have been having some schoolwork problems.

The Titanic soundtrack and the Celine Dion soundtrack containing the end-credits song "My Heart Will Go On" is now out for sale! I haven't had a chance to buy it yet because I live in Hong Kong but it sounds good so far!

There is now an OFFICIAL Leo website on the net! It's still under construction, but it seems very professional and I hope it comes out soon.
Thanks B for the above info

November 14

The Official Titanic Homepage is up and running! It has so much stuff it is overwhelming; it is so awesome!

Please note that the desktop images in Media Gallery no longer work because of the recent changes in The Official Titanic Homepage.

November 13

So... it seems like The Official Titanic Website has been pretty lazy lately and has not bothered to update the images or put up any new stuff! Hmm. I hope it comes up some time soon......

November 11

Today is Leo's Birthday! He is 23 years old today! I'm so happy...

I put some new images into the Media Gallery.

November 10

I just updated my Media Gallery! It now also contains sound clips, banners, poster, desktop images and PLENTY of images! Please visit it to check out the new stuff!

November 7

The Official Titanic site launches officially today! Watch out for the new stuff!

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